MVC Extrication on the St. Charles Parkway

On January 1st, 2016, the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department arrived on scene to a single vehicle accident on the St. Charles Parkway, with one occupant trapped.  Squad 3 and Rescue Engine 123 worked to free the trapped occupant, requiring the utilization of several Hurst Tools.  Providers from the Paramedic Ambulance on scene provided patient care.  Engine 13 managed the LZ at Stoddert Middle School, enabling those injured to be flown out by Trooper 2.

mvc 2 mvc

PG MVC Extrication

Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department responded to a Prince George’s County MVC extrication on November 6th.  Squad 3 arrived, extricating one patient who was pinned in their car.  Three patients were flown out.

waldorf ext 1 jpg waldorf ext 2 jpg waldorf ext 3 jpg waldorf ext 4waldorf ext 9waldorf ext 7

HazMat Drill Night

On September 22nd, the NDW Indian Head HazMat 20 arrived to train Waldorf Volunteer Fire 3 members during a white powder drill simulation.  Crews were trained to use HazMat devices, as well as, how to do proper Decon.

Big thanks to HazMat 20 for all of their training and expert knowledge!

haz mat hazmat 6 hazmat 10 hazmat2 hazmat3 hazmat4 hazmat5 hazmat7 hazmat8 hazmat9

Deck Collapse

On September 19th, the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department responded to a structural deck collapse at a residential home.  All involved parties were without injury, and the scene was secured.

deck collapse

A Busy Week for the WVFD

Over the past week, the members of the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department have responded to multiple fires.   Members have worked diligently, providing responses with multiple crews throughout the week no matter the time of day, helping our neighboring counties, as well as, the Charles County region.   Even under the pressure of repeated hours of work under stressful conditions,  the crews have shown pride and dedication in all of their work.  Good work WVFD! 

Monday, August 17th

PG County, Accolawn Road Fire 

fire pic 11

Truck 3 responded to Co. 824’s first due in Prince George’s County to assist with the junk yard fire.

Monday, August 17th

Structure Fire at Fairhaven Road

fire pic 13 fire pic 14 fire pic 15

Truck 3, Engine 31, and Engine 32 all arrived to this fire.

Tuesday, August 18th

Barn Structure Fire, Glock Place

fire pic 29

Another busy day at the WVFD.   Truck 3 and Engine 31 were alerted to a barn fire,  where drafting operations were initiated.

Click The Link to See a Live Feed at the Fire:

 WVFD Fire Video

Wednesday, August 19th

Large Pallet Fire off of Industrial Drive

fire pic 4 fire pic 3 fire pic 2 fire pic 1 fire pic 5

Crews arrived at a large outside fire, effectively extinguishing the hazard.

Another Great Drill with the WVFD

Fire 3 spent their drill night on August the 18th, learning proper drafting technique for our non-hydrant areas of Charles County.  With multiple fires over the past several weeks requiring this skill for optimal fire ground operations,  Fire 3 decided to be ahead of the ball by ensuring members skills were ready for future draft site operations.

fire pic 30 fire pic 25 fire pic 28 fire pic 27 fire pic 26 fire pic 21 fire pic 22 fire pic 23 fire pic 24 fire pic 17 fire pic 16 fire pic 19 fire pic 20 fire pic 6 fire pic 8 fire pic 9