EMS 12 Officers

EMS 12 Leadership 

guy yesse

Deputy Chief- Guy Yesse

Deputy Chief Guy Yesse joined EMS 12 in February 2009, later joining Fire 12, as well, in June 2013.  Prior to joining the Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department,  he had previously gained experience volunteering in Upstate New York at a volunteer fire department, as well as,  at a volunteer ambulance squad between the years of 1990- 2004.

During Guy's time at Waldorf, he has served as a member of leadership on several committees including: the Uniform Committee and the Every 15 Minute Committee.  During his years of service at Waldorf, Guy has served as the Chief's Aide in 2010-2011,  EMS Lieutenant in  2011-2012, EMS Captain in 2012-2014, and the Deputy Chief in 2014-present.  Guy is employed full-time as the Superintendent for the Air National Guard Inspector General's Office. He is married to Joanna Yesse, with three children:  son's Alexander and Christian, and daughter Carol.


Captain-Chad Levedusky

Captain Chad Levendusky has been a member of Waldorf Volunteer Fire Department since March 2008. As a native resident of Charles County he felt the need and desire to help out his fellow citizens. In January 2009 he became an EMT-B through the state of Maryland, and also acquired certificates through FEMA for ICS . In 2011, he also received certificates in Hazard Materials and EVOC. During that same year Captain Levendusky became an IV Technician, was promoted to Sergeant, and also became Membership Chairperson. In his career he has held the position of Sergeant and Lieutenant. In July 2015, he was promoted to Captain, and currently holds that position.  His personal goals are to become a Paramedic and continue serving Charles County.  He is married with one child, and works as a custom cabinetmaker.

pam coleman
Lieutenant-Pam Coleman

Lieutenant Pam Coleman joined the department in June of 2006.  She has served as Statistician for EMS 12 since 2008.  During her time at the WVFD, she has served as a Sergeant from 2009-2010, and intermittently as a Lieutenant from 2010-2015.  She is a member of the Membership Committee.  She works as a legal assistant for a law firm in D.C., and has two children.

LT Lewis
Lieutenant-Mitchell Lewis
Lieutenant Mitchell Lewis joined the department in February of 2012.  He has held the position of both Sergeant and Lieutenant previously.  He is currently EMS 12's Safety Officer.   He has served on multiple committees including, the Apparatus Committee,  Safety Committee, and the Membership Committee.   He works full time with the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, and he is married with 6 children.
Lt K
Lieutenant-Bill Kitzmiller

Lieutenant Bill Kitzmiller joined the department in April of 2010.  He served as a Chief's Aide in 2011, a Sergeant in 2012, and has been a Lieutenant ever since.  Lieutenant Kitzmiller is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, who has served as the

Election Committee Chair.  He is married to Lynn, and they have three children: Neil, Leigh, and Brooke.

lt dautrich
Sergeant-Heather Dautrich

Sergeant Heather Dautrich joined in June of 2006.  She has previously held the positions of Chief's Aide and Infection Control Officer.  She is also qualified as a Field Training Coach.
She has served on many committees including, By-Laws Committee, Station Fund Committee, Membership Committee, Banquet Committee, Recruitment and Retention Committee, Uniform Committee, Every 15 Minutes Committee,  and the EMS Apparatus Committee.  She currently works as an Office Manager at a Performing Arts Company.  She has 2 children, ages 11 and 12.

dee stock
Sergeant-Denise "Dee" Stockman

Sergeant Dee Stockman joined the department in August of  2011.  She has served as a Chief's Aide for 2 years, and a Sergeant for the past 2 years.  She is also the EMS 12 Logistical Supply Manager.  She served in the U.S. Navy for 15 years, and currently works as a Registered Nurse at White Plains Primary Care.  She is also a member of the Membership Committee.  Dee is married to Paul, and has three children: Ryan, Kristen, and Nikolai.