WVFD Recruitment

As one of the busiest locations in Charles County, our department spans across rural and suburban ares, serving over 67,752 citizens.  Being a busy department means we're always looking for capable and dedicated new members!

Why Join?

-Educational Opportunities (Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute classes/training provided at no charge to you!)

-Career Advancement

-Obtainment of Emergency Rescue and Medical Skills

-Development of Tactical Skills

-Housing for Live-In Members

-Tax Deduction Benefits

-Friendship and Networking

Who Can Join?

We are looking for honest, honorable, hard-working, dedicated members who will  assist the community in times of emergency/crisis.  Applicants age 16 and over who meet these requirements will be accepted.  No previous training is required; we will happily train you to be the best first responder possible.  Applicants must pass a background check, as well as, be cleared via physical examination.  Members joining the Fire side will also be required to take/pass a Firefighter 1 course provided free of charge, within 18 months of starting the department.  Applications can be picked up at any of the three stations.

What If I Have Questions?

Recruitment questions can be answered via telephone or email.


Fire 3: (301) 645-3000

Station 12: (301) 705-6655

EMS 3: (301) 645-9292

When calling, ask to speak to an officer.

And Remember....

"Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is save one."

-Abraham Lincoln